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Gaffer with G&E Kit


Myles Smythe is an American cinematographer with more than twenty years of experience as a director of photography and still photographer. With a great passion for lighting and a deep electrical background, Myles enjoys setting the camera down and working as a Gaffer to perfect his ability to shape, modify and control light for various video and film formats.

As Gaffer and owner operator, Myles can provide a 2-ton grip truck and lighting package.

Based out of Reno, Nevada. Myles works as a local from Lake Tahoe to Sacramento, California and is available to work worldwide.


Myles is a filmmaking partner, Producer and Director at Sierra Studio Films, where they create award winning productions for documentary, commercials and narrative films. He is a partner with LUX Lighting & Grip providing a Gaffer with a G&E van on set targeting the Reno, NV area.

Myles Smythe 2-ton Grip Truck Film Video Lighting Reno Nevada

Select Gaffer Credits

"Anywhere USA" The Canyon Road - Commercial | Gaffer | Director Evan Glaser | Link
"Ski Heavenly" Altered.LA - Commercial | Gaffer | Director The Clyde Brothers |
Link-1 | Link-2
"Reno Tahoe Tourism" Commercial
| Gaffer | Director / Photographer Zach Anderson
"The Right To Love Your Father" Commercial | Gaffer | Director Bryon Evans | Link
"Game Night" AFX Racing - Commercial | Gaffer | Director Elyse Russell

"Serena Williams" CNN+ Flash Docs - Documentary | Gaffer | Director Abby Lieberman
"Sneaker Fiends" Ozy Media - Documentary | Gaffer | Director Alfred Lopez
WrestleMania 38 Promo WWE - Television | Gaffer | Producer Dan Pucherelli
"The Oxy Kingpins" The Young Turks - Documentary | Gaffer | Director Brendan Fitzgerald

The Golf Channel Academy w/Annika Sorenstam | Television | Grip (Lighting)
"Andria's Story" 23andME - Documentary | Gaffer | Director Veena Rao

"Lately" Sophia Bromberg - Music Video | Gaffer | Director Gobi Rahimi
"Tacos for [Redacted]" Short Film | Gaffer | Director Emily Skyle

"10 Syllables" Short Film | Gaffer | Director Emily Skyle | Link
"Stargazer" Marya Stark - Music Video | Gaffer | Director Tessa Shields | Link
"Two Bears" Short Film | Key Grip | Director Anthony Florez

"Bernie Sanders Supermajority"
Refinery29 - Political Series | Gaffer | Director Kate Bolger | Link
Pharma Health Labs - Corporate Interview | Gaffer | Director Adrienne Nicole
Best Buy - Corporate | Gaffer | Director Justin Schack
Anthem - Corporate | Gaffer | Director Chris Morton
AT&T "Customer Stories" OnTrac - Corporate | Key Grip (Lighting) | Director Dennis O'Leary

G&E Gear

Equipment available for rent on projects with Myles Smythe

LINK to **2 Ton Grip Van Package**


JOKER2 800 HMI w/ Zoom Beamer or JoLeko.


2- Aputure 1200D Daylight LED.

ARRI Skypanel S30-C color tuneable LED light.

Litepanels Gemini 2x1 color tunable LED light.

LiteGear LiteMat Plus 3 Hybrid LED Light kit, V-mount.

Astera Titan, Helios, NYX bulb, PixelBrick Custom Kit

2 - Quasar Science 6' Crossfade LED tube with 6ft Kino Flo x2 bank.

4 - Quasar Science 4' Double Rainbow RR100 100W RGB LED tube.

Hive Hornet 200-C color tuneable LED w/Leko conversion.

Hive Wasp 100-C color tuneable LED.

Mole Richardson 9-light Molefay 5.8K tungsten/halogen light (3-20amp circuits)

2 - ETC Source Four Leko 750 Ellipsoidal (50 and 19 degree lens tubes)

Lighting Accessories:

5ft Octabox w/Grid for VORTEX8, Gemini 2x1 or Skypanel S30 w/Rabbit Ears.

3ft Octabox w/Grid for VORTEX8, Gemini 2x1 or Skypanel S30 w/Rabbit Ears.

Medium Chimera w/ speedrings for Joker 800 or Hive Wasp 100-C.

Snapgrids for Gemini 2x1, Skypanel S30, Litemat Plus 3.

V-mount Battery Adapter for Gemini 2x1 and Skypanel S30.

Androokie Magnet Medium & Small Kit for Astera Lights.

DMX Wireless Control / Dimming:

AKS Plus CRMX and Blackout App w/iPad Pro.

Astera ART7 AsteraBox App wireless controller.


Ultratec Ultra Handy Fogger.

Matthews Dutti Dolly Rental Kit.

2 - Blueshape BV270HD v-mount battery.

4 - Blueshape 140HD Mini v-mount battery.

2 - Blueshape 100HD v-mount battery.

2 - Switronix XP-L90S v-mount battery.

Blueshape v-mount charger.


LINK to **2 Ton Grip Van Package**

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